Vi fick uppdraget tillsammans med Murdercloud Studio att ta fram ett 80-tals liknande "Endless runner" spel. Vi utvecklade spelet i Unity. Där Murdercloud Studio stod för all det grafiska medan vi bidrog med vår backend expertis.





RETROSHIFTER is a brand new endless runner game from the two-man indie game studio Murdercloud Studious.

life-long passion with all things 80’s and videos games led Murdercloud Studios developer Lina to attempt to create an experience that captured the essence of the 80’s cyberpunk era. This through a pulsating 80’s retro inspired soundtrack and distinct visuals focusing on the contrast between the dark dystopian world and the bright fluorescent neon lights. All this brought together with the nostalgia of pixelated retro graphics.

“Become a RETROSHIFTER as you challenge your way through a dystopian future. Overcome the security lasers by perfecting your timing and focus to rise as the greatest RETROSHIFTER in this nostalgic throwback to 80’s retrofuturism.”